Hot 16

The reclusive and mysterious Hot 16 is a long time Liquid Beat collaborator who’s music is finally seeing the light of day.  With a penchant for 80s funk samples and a never ending quest for the perfect synth, Hot 16′s tracks take shape around smooth melodies and thick baselines.  Never one to be stagnant with his sound(s) , Hot 16 is continually buying all types of new and old synthesizers, instruments, and plug-ins to add to his sonic palette.  Additionally, Hot 16 stays true to his DJ roots by digging continually and unearthing tons of new and used records of all genres with the idea that they will eventually end up being used for a beat, a DJ mix, or as the soundtrack to a chill evening at home. With the new addition of incorporating rappers and vocalists into his music, Hot 16 has graduated from celebrated bedroom beat maker, to full fledged composer and producer, which has us here at Liquid Beat excited to finally share his creations with the world.

Roane Namuh

Armed with his collection of records and an MPC2000XL, Roane Namuh has carved out a niche for himself with deep compositions that reflect a healthy respect for the golden era as well as music from todays modern age.  Known for his impeccable attention to detail, Roane’s songs are textured and just might take a few listens to fully appreciate the thought and care that went into crafting the entirety of the track.  A true music aficionado, Roane’s work is informed by his years of digging and djing.  Roane’s ear for contextualizing and mixing music is on full display in his original works and his dj mixes and performances.  Roane Namuh is one of our bedrock producers here at Liquid Beat and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide a platform for his artistic output.

Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh

Two supremely talented up and coming artists, singer/songwriter Reva DeVito, and producer Roane Namuh join forces for their one-off project, Cloudshine Deluxe.  With Reva’s ability to effortlessly capture a mood and convey a multitude of feelings over Roane’s meticulous and thoughtful production, together they make beautiful, classic and progressive soul music.


One of the most important developments in Portland music has been the local and national success of Libretto and Lifesavas. They’re longtime Portlanders steady grindin’ with their crew, Misfit Massive, since the mid-’90s.  And, put simply, the talented Misfit Massive crew–which includes Libretto, the three Lifesavas (Vursatyl, Jumbo, and Shines), Sly Da Brown Hornet, Dubb-Flexx aka Wolverine, –is defining the Portland hiphop sound…..

- excerpt taken from Portland Mercury written by Julianne Shepherd

The Love Loungers

Ini Akpan – Lead Vocals
Johnny 5 – Percussion/SFX
Allison Malone – Soul Singer
Cory Palacios – Trumpet
Chris Ponti – Bass
DeAngelo Raines – Electric Guitar
Michael Rodriguez – Saxophone
DINO – Drums

This band of sharp-dressing 20-somethings deliver high energy, crystal clear, sophisticated, grooving, ‘get up and dance’ hiphop. aka GROOVE-HOP.

Think Booker T and the MGs meet André 3000/Frank Sinatra – only young, and available (for booking) – Portland’s RAT PACK.

Matt Nelkin

Label head, and avid record collector, Matt Nelkin has been the driving force behind Liquid Beat Records since 2011 and Liquid Beat Radio since 1997.  If need be, he is also happy to give unsolicited opinions on the music being released through Liquid Beat in exchange for co-production credits.